Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to Fall to Sleep Without Drugs.

There is this great website named DOASONE 
When I have a hard time winding down, this puts me right to sleep. You just go to the site, there is nothing to sign up for, it starts loading, and then you hear breathing.

Make sure the sound is on, and it is just the sound of breathing, no voices, just breathing, all night long without getting up to replay.

You breath along with it, in.... out.... in.... out.... and before you know it, you are concentrating on the breathing, and not on your problems.

It also helps to say to yourself:

“I don’t have to be anywhere right now in this moment in time, i don’t have to pay any bills at this moment in time. I can just lay here and breath, relax my shoulders, and not do anything in this moment in time, just lay here and relax my legs in this moment in time," and on and on.

It makes me feel like… I’m comforted.